Commercial insurance policies are as individual as the companies they cover. At Gregg Stapp Insurance Services, we have years of experience in determining unique ways to provide coverage for businesses of all sizes and in seeking out insurers who are willing to underwrite these policies. With the help of Gregg Stapp Insurance Services, you can find the right coverage for your business at a price that fits your budget.

Business owners often have questions about cheap commercial insurance coverage, and at Gregg Stapp Insurance Services, we try to answer those questions as simply and honestly as possible so that business owners can make an informed decision about coverage. Some common commercial insurance questions include:

  • What kind of insurance do I need for my business? It is impossible to answer this question without a full assessment of the business and its daily activities, how many employees it has and other crucial information. Gregg Stapp Insurance Services can conduct a full assessment of any business in order to determine necessary and optional coverage and find companies that are willing to work with the business. At a minimum, most companies need workers compensation and liability coverage, but special policies may be appropriate for certain industries.
  • Are there any insurance policies I must have by law? Yes. When operating a business in California, there are certain policies, such as workers compensation, that may be required by law. It is important to understand your legal obligations in this regard, and Gregg Stapp Insurance Services can help explain these to you.
  • Should I increase my insurance coverage? As your business grows, it is usually a good idea to increase your coverage on a planned schedule. The experts at Gregg Stapp Insurance Services can help you do so by plotting a course for expansion that matches your companys growth pattern.
  • Can I get all of my insurance from one place? Yes! With the help of an independent agent such as Gregg Stapp Insurance Services, you can not only find companies that sell any type of business insurance but can also find coverage for your personal needs such as home, auto and health. You may even qualify for multi-policy discounts.

Finding the Right Commercial Auto Insurance For Your Business

Gregg Stapp Insurance Services is ready to help you find the right coverage for both your business and personal needs by performing a complete assessment of your companys insurance situation and making recommendations on policies from one of our many insurance underwriters.