What happens when there is an accident on your job site? The first thing that normally happens is that you are concerned with making sure your employee is treated immediately for any medical problems. Unfortunately, an accident does not usually end with the employee receiving medical care. There is also the question of paying wages while he or she recovers, and the looming question of legal liability. Will you be sued due to the employees injuries? Could your business be in jeopardy?

These are questions that face contractors every day as they work on jobs. Not only must a contractor be aware of liability pertaining to his her own employees, but the contractor must also be concerned with liability for other workers on the job as well. A single accident could end up costing the contractor thousands of dollars if the employee files a lawsuit.

Many contractors believe that if they have workers compensation coverage they are protected from any accidents that may happen on the job. There are a couple of things wrong with this attitude, however. First, workers compensation covers only the contractors own employees who may be injured in the course of work, and not someone else who may be injured on the job site. Second, workers compensation does nothing to indemnify the contractor for liability incurred after a job is finished or when the contractor has moved on to another project.

An example may be helpful to illustrate this concept. If a contractor bids for a job building an office building, for example, his workers compensation coverage will indemnify him if one of his workers is injured while the building is being constructed. However, if the work crew leaves and an office worker is injured the first week the building is open by someones carelessly left behind tools, workers compensation will not cover the employer for that type of accident.

In order to be sure that you as a contractor are covered for any type of accident that occurs under any circumstances, you may want to take out a liability contractor insurance policy. This type of policy is a general liability coverage policy that indemnifies you in most circumstances in which someone might sue you. Gregg Stapp Insurance Services can help you with this type of coverage and can find an insurance company willing to work with you to construct the right policy at the right price for your businesss budget.