What is workers compensation insurance? Why do I have to have it to do business in California? Is it expensive? What does it cover? Am I still liable for accidents that happen on my job sites?

These are questions we hear every day at Gregg Stapp Insurance Services. As a full-service insurance company, Gregg Stapp Insurance Services can provide workers compensation plans for businesses of any size. Whether you have one employee or two hundred, Gregg Stapp Insurance Services can help you find the perfect workers compensation coverage plan to meet your needs and your budget.

California requires all businesses to carry workers compensation insurance on their employees. However, the amount of your coverage will often be determined by the type of work in which you engage. You may also need to consider other forms of coverage for certain businesses.

In general, workers compensation coverage applies to injuries sustained on the job or in the performance of job duties. However, California courts have held, for example, that employers may be liable for injuries that occur while an employee is traveling to or from work, even if the employee is not actively engaged in company business. Third parties may also be involved in lawsuits if an employee is injured due to defective equipment or hazards created by a property owner.

At a minimum, workers compensation coverage should pay for medical expenses and lost wages while an employee is unable to work. However, in some industries, it pays to have extra workers compensation coverage, especially if your employees may not be able to return to work in a short period of time after a serious accident. Most employers want only the best for those who work for them, but legal liability can cloud these issues and cause expense and stress after an employee injury.

In short, the legal field is extremely complicated and it pays to have sound coverage. Your coverage is unique and you should be treated as an individual with attention paid to your special needs. In that regard, Gregg Stapp Insurance Services provides workers compensation plans and coverage for all types of businesses and can work with you to create the perfect workers compensation coverage policy. With access to hundreds of insurers, Gregg Stapp Insurance Services can find the right company to help you cover your workers and protect yourself from liability for workplace injuries.